Love is a War

 First I see you, I found you very sweet

You have a very nice Character, I found that

But now had it changes

I don’t know

About I know

Love is a War; I hate the feelings to you

I will not this feeling, but I have

And I can’t the lost

I hate when you play games with

Because you don’t like me

What is wrong with me?

I’m nice

I’m not crazy

You don’t understand this

That makes me sick

Love is a War, because I can’t lose feeling to you

I’m sad ………

And to late apologize

You have me break up…

You mess my soul and my feeling

Love is a War, it’s so hurt see you

And I must you everyday see

That very very 100000xxxx mal shit

And you’re fucking shit Nice

Can you forgotten

Because yours Games are very fucking Shit

And I don´ play games

Love is War; you don’t have feeling to me that I am having

Never ever!!

But where’s your heart?

Why you me sick?

It’s Fun?

Other its your since to say I don’t like you?

You a fucking big big big shit Idiot

Love is War…..every……forever……….

That’s was for you

I hate you, but I love you